Birthday Wishes 150 [Best] Happy Birthday Messages

Update: January 18, 2020

Sending birthday wishes and greeting has become a necessary tradition nowadays. It can be really hard to find exact wishes for birthday. We try to find birthday wishes for friends to surprise him but don't get what we like. We go on birthday, celebrate our friend's birthday and send him great wishes. Sometimes we cannot go on his birthday and forget it but we wish him by sending funny birthday wishes through social media. We send happy birthday wishes, quotes, and messages.

We go to his birthday party, have fun with it and enjoy a meal. We celebrate our friend's birthday with a huge cheer and say him a happy birthday and there come to his relatives, neighbours and other friends who call him wish you a happy birthday and give gifts. We chat with him until at night and refreshes his childhood memories.

We have been wondering for a long time what to write for a friend on a birthday card. You don't have to think anymore. Just read from here, write on the birthday card and send him best friend birthday wishes. You may copy and send your friend best birthday wishes. We have birthday wishes for brother, sister, friend and also funny.

happy birthday wishes

1. Happy birthday best friend. I hope that one day you will finally stop annoying me!

2. Eyes like yours when it comes to shore. Then the waves make a noise that today the sea is about to sink. Happy Birthday.

3. Roses are red, violets are blue, A very Happy Birthday is wished for you!

4. May this birthday bring you all the things that make you happy.

5. Happy birthday friend. On this very special day, I'd like to say to you. I hope your birthday filled with love and all your dreams come true.

6. May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy days. Happy birthday brother!

7. Sometimes being a brother is even many times better than being a superhero.

8. We learn together, we play together, we grow together. You always disturb me but you love me. Happy Birthday to friend!

9. You broke things in a house. I used to hit by Mom and you laughed. Happy birthday brother!

10. We make a loud noise, say bad jokes loudly and laugh loudly because we are naughty. God bless you, dude! And I wish you a happy birthday.

11. Stay blessed, stay strong and stay humble. Wish you a happy birthday.

12. Whenever I fall down you wake me up. Wish you Happy birthday bro.

13. Don't ever change, stay naughty as you are. This is my birthday wish to friend.

14. Happy birthday brother! May this day gives you a ton of joy and childhood memories.

15. Handsome brother! Wish you all the best in life. Happy birthday!

16. Thank you so much for giving me wisdom, courage and confidence to face the world. Wish you happy birthday friend.

17. I can never understand you but I love you. May you live thousands of years. Hands are in prayer for you.

18. We are best friends, we can read each other's minds. You know what I think and I know what you think. You know all about me, I know all about you. Wish you happy birthday friend.

19. Life is hard, but your birthday is smooth and we have a brotherhood. Happy birthday.

20. I wish this day and this year, you would have all the happiness as you want or as you expect. Happy birthday dear!

happy birthday wishes

21. Thank you for all the memories with me, Without you, my life would be colorless.

22. I feel proud when I call you my brother, I wish to call this day as my everyday. Happy birthday brother.

23. We are brothers, best friends and best partners. Wishing you Happy birthday friend!

24. Whenever I in trouble you bail me out, when I felt sad you act like a jocker. No matter what you are, but you are my greatest support. Wish you Happy birthday friend.

25. Happy birthday wishes to you. There is no one as good as you and no one as crazy as you.

26. I am not sure I found a brother like you. You are a masterpiece. May God give you some brain. Hahaha.

27. You are the greatest example that dad always gives to me. Wish you a very happy birthday.

28. When negative people stood against me, they taunt me, laugh at me, there was only you who were with me. This is from my heart "Happy birthday brother".

29. I have always seen a smile on your face I do not know where you bring such a smile. I love you.

30. You are my strength, you are my life and you are my mentor. Happy birthday brother!

31. I Wish. May your all desires and dreams come true on this birthday. Wishing you happy birthday from your mom.

32. I feel like, I am the luckiest mom. Because I got a brother who becomes mature.

33. No gift makes me as happy as you are in this world. Happy birthday Mom.

34. Happy birthday Dad. You are my inspiration, my motivation, my ideal and my best friend. I Love you so much.

35. For every minute, every second and forever. I just wanna father like you. Happy birthday father.

36. Dear father! if you are a far away from me and angry from me, I have so much love in my heart for you. Happy birthday father!

37. Thanks to God for giving me a responsible and mastermind brother. Happy birthday dear!

38. You are my sweet and I am your honey. Oops! Hahahaha... Happy birthday Mom.

39. You are strong like a China wall. There is no power on the world that can undo you. Wish you Happy birthday.

40. Dear brother, whenever you need support, direction and motivation. I'll be there for you.

wishes for birthday

41. I can never forget our childhood memories together. That was amazing. Happy birthday with great love.

42. Hey bro, today I have three wishes for you. First, think big, second Never give up, third Learn from mistakes. God bless you. And wishing you happy birthday.

43. What I wish to God on this birthday. Thanks for giving me a responsible and loveliest father. Happy birthday.

44. Happy birthday Father. Thank you for being my everything. I am glad that I got a mentor like you.

45. It's midnight. And today is your birthday. I know you are missing me but don't worry love is alive. Happy birthday dear Mom.

46. Wish you Happy birthday. May God give you a little bit of mind to be serious at once. Hahaha, love you dude.

47. You are the sunshine and rainbow of our home. You are our sweetheart and fun all the time. Happy birthday naughty.

48. Your birthday reminds me of who I love most in this world. Wish you Happy birthday.

49. I can easily face difficulties if you always stand by me. You are my strength and will power to achieve anything. Happy birthday sweetheart.

50. Happy birthday my Big brother. May God blessed you a healthy, strong, stunning life with all the wishes that you want.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

Friends are light of life. There is no life without them. And the reward for friendship is a must on his birthday. Wishing happy birthday on his birthday is proof of a strong friendship. Friend's birthday wishes naturally comes out. And he would happy to hear that they remembered my birthday and wish me.

But for that, you should have a birthday wish for friend to wish him a happy birthday friend. You don't think too much about that, enjoy it and share birthday wishes for friends. We hope you'll really like happy birthday wishes for friend, for best friend and original friend's birthday wishes.

happy birthday wishes

51. When I see to growing you, I see a great man inside you with strong wisdom and courage. Happy birthday friend.

52. Whatever the people say you, I just wanna say you one thing. East and West friend is the best. Wish you Good luck for you future. Happy birthday friend.

53. You are my smile, you are my life, you gave me a chance to prove that I'm the rising light. Happy birthday best friend ! Wish you all the best on this day.

54. You always help me in my homeworks. You always wanted to make me a better person. You are a pillar support of my all life. I wish you happy birthday.

55. To protecting me from troubles, it was not of your responsibility but it was in our friendship. Happy birthday friend.

56. Best friend I don't know how to describe my love for you but I just want to say one thing. You are a man of quality. Wish you happy birthday friend.

57. Happy birthday. On this day, I am missing our naughty moments of my best friend. My hands are always in prayer for you.

58. May your life is filled with bunch of happiness and your all the wishes come true. Birthday wishes for you. Happy birthday rising Sun.

59. You are not a King but you made me a King. God bless you and I love you. And wishing you Happy birthday friend.

60. For friend birthday wishes! May your day would be more good as you expect. On this day do that, that you want. Don't do that, that others want. Wish you happy birthday friend.

61. Whenever I accidentally broke something in your house, you used to hit in my place. Sign of best friend. Love you so much. Happy birthday wishes friend !. May your all wishes come true.

62. Happy birthday to my handsome friend. Without you the World is colourless. There is no fun in any place without you.

63. I cannot promise you to solve your all problems but I can promise you wouldn't have to face them alone. Wish you happy birthday flying star.

64. My greatest gift from your parents was you because I always need an incredible friend like you. Wishes for happy birthday from me, catch it.

65. Friend is just like a brother given by nature. There is no buddy like friend. He is thousands time better than others. Happy birthday friend with great wishes.

66. We never realized that we were making memories, we just knew that we were having fun. Wishes for happy birthday, giving from heart my best friend.

67. You are the one who always said "Compromise for dream but Never compromise on dream". Wish you happy birthday.

68. Dear friend ! Without you there is no joke, no joy and no journey. Happy birthday friend.

69. Usually your really very annoying but on this pleasent day to best friend I wish you with great delight. Wishing you happy birthday Hulk ! Hahahaha....

70. I know this universe has great gifts for you but my gift is always better than others. That is best wishes for best friend. May God give you in abundance. Happy birthday.

wishes for birthday

71. Thank you so much to come in my life to change my life. My heart speaks with love. Happy birthday friend. May God extend your life and give you some mind. I have tons of birthday wishes for you but that is the first. A friend birthday wish.

72. Thanks for believing me and supporting me. I wish you with deeply heart. This day and this year would be the best moments of the year. Birthday wishes for you. Happy birthday.

73. I can never forget your birthday. Happy birthday friend, eat drink and be merry. Best wishes for you. God bless you.

74. This is very special day for me because this day reminds me of who I love most in this world. Happy birthday friend !

75. Wish you very very Happy birthday. Now it's done let's have a party. Wohooooo !

76. I smile every time. Then you try to figure out how to tease him. I know we had many special days. Happy birthday rocket, with great wishes.

77. Here is a kiss on this special day, Ummaaaaaaa ! Hahaha. Wish you happy birthday friend with great festivities.

78. Friend do not want to see his friend to walk alone in dark. He always shine him like Sun.

79. No one can stop me to loving you brother and listen to my words carefully, no one can ever separate us. This is birthday wish for friend, sorry for best friend.

80. Though even one day sun will run out of fuel, my love for you will last forever. Keep calm, its your birthday. Happy birthday, dear!

81. I kiss you and miss you much. I couldn't come but my gift is come. On this special occasion. Friend wishes for you. "May you have healthy, humble and handsome life" Wish you Happy birthday.

82. You are my Google, you have a solution of every problem. You are my mentor. You are the reason of my happiness. Happy birthday friend!

83. No matter how much we fight, how much we tease each other. The only thing that prove our love that is "Natural Friendship".

84. You are my best friend whom I share my all issues and help me to solve them out. My hands are in prayer for you. I wish, you get much happiness on this day. It's birthday wish for friend.

85. You have supported me in bad times so don't worry I will also be with you in your bad times. May God deliver you everything that you want, friend birthday wishes.

86. You are a God delicate on Earth because you solve my sadness and problems as like a "Video Game". I feel proud to having a friend like you. Happy birthday to my best friend.

87. On this special day I make a wish that you and me always remain together like water and fish. Love you dude.

88. Your cake does not even look like you have such a candle on your birthday cake. Hahahaha. Wish you happy birthday friend. May you would have more birthday wishes for you on this day.

89. Today I promise you that I will never show your heart and support you at every turn of my life. God bless you dear. Happy birthday.

90. I don't think that eating and getting car, clothes, home and money is enough for good life. Without brother life is meaningless and colourless. You're just like my brother. Happy birthday friend.

happy birthday wishes

91. Happy birthday gypsy. One thing for you, my life without you would be boring and deep dark. You are sunshine in my life.

92. You are the best friend in the world and my ideal. May we would have a lot more memories together. Happy birthday.

93. Sometimes you think I don't like you I don't love you or hate you. But the truth is that I have more love for you than I ever have. I'm your best friend in this entire world. Wishing birthday to best friend.

94. You are just like a wall of China for me to protect me from any disaster. Happy birthday friend ! Hahahahaha.

95. You are my bridge between two rivers. You are with me like group of flying brids. You and me like Stars together. This is enough for you to tell you. Happy birthday.

96. As the years go by, your seems to be beautiful. What's the reason behind. Hahaha, anyway. Happy birthday best friend.

97. That day my friend came into this world, so today I will cheer and cheer. No one can stop me. Let's party. happy birthday friend.

98. Oh ! By the way, I just like to eat on your birthday. Food was amazing. I could never imagine that you would give us a party. Thanks for the party friend. Wish you happy birthday.

99. Google can give every search result but Google can never describe the love between friends. Happy birthday to my handsome friend.

100. Having a friend like you makes me strong and powerful. Someone rightly says "United we stand, divided we fall". Wish you good luck for future. Happy birthday wish you.

Happy birthday Wishes for Brother

Birthday wishes for brother: Brothers are the best dudes and companion in our life.They support us in every phase of life.They shared a lot of childhood memories and take care much of us.

Birthday wishes for brother is too important to tell him that how mcuh you care and love him. On his birthday, that is so special day, we should wish him with great love. So, here you can choose the best birthday wishes for brother to make him happy.

birthday wishes for brother

101. Brotherhood is special in life no one could ever replace it even a best friend. Because he entices you. He takes four moons.

102. It is my proud that a brother like you because people do not feel so fortunate. I'm the luckiest one. Wish you Happy birthday.

103. I have been following you since childhood and you have never shown me the wrong path. I am so lucky. Happy birthday my mentor !

104. I used to get angry with my parents that why I would share my room with you. But I realize that there is no fun without you. Happy birthday dude.

105. Happy birthday dear. Listen ! We cheer loudly today, blocking all our past battles and fights. It would be a stunning thing.

106. You are my superhero, I don't need of any Superman, Batman and Spiderman. I have a super brother who help me in the time of need. Happy birthday hero.

107. Someone has probably said that "The elapsed time does not come hand in hand, it does not always show up remotely". But today we can rekindle our memories. Let's have fun.

108. We used to spend our whole lives with each other in good or bad times. You were good to me yesterday, you are still good to me today and no matter who you are, you will still be good to me. happy birthday brother.

109. Have you ever wondered who is praying for your safety from behind you? I love you brother. Happy birthday.

110. Happy birthday brother ! Sometimes you may think how much I hate you but how do you know how much I love you ?

111. Happy birthday with my deep heart. On your birthday this is a good opportunity to admit all my mistakes and give you as a gift.

112. We should keep blowing our love. Because "United we will stand and divided we will fall". It teaches us to be merciful. Happy birthday.

113. I've been smelling the scent of aromatic food for a long time. And hunger rats in my stomach. Let's have some delicious food together. Oh ? by the way, happy birthday brother.

114. I guess I have to call the fire brigade to extinguish these candles. Hahaha. Come on ! Just do it .

115. See, this year also has passed, this year has been going on and you are getting bigger. That's not a good thing. Hahaha. Happy birthday brother.

116. Happy birthday to this handsome. May God bless you with all happiness and give you success and success. wishing you.

117. beautiful wish for birthday. See, this year has passed, and you wasted your time. I hope that God will given you some wisdom so that you can take advantage of next year.

118. I hope as you will grow, you would be responsible. Wish you very Happy Birthday on this special day.

119. You are one in Million. Happy birthday.

120. It is my privilege to have a brother like you. It is a great honor for me. I feel proud. Happy birthday.

birthday wishes for brother

121. This text deliver warm hugs with lots of love to a special birthday boy. My dear, Happy Birthday. May God give you high heights. beautiful wish for birthday.

122. This day is special and unique that only comes once a year. So, celebrate it with great delight and festivities.

123. I have been asking for help from childhood and depend on you. Because nobody supported me more than you. Wish you Happy birthday.

124. May God fill your achievements and achievements in the days ahead. And May you find you dream comes true. With you good luck.

125. You are a piece of the moon to me and more valuable than diamonds and gems. I have a heartfelt love for you in my heart. Happy birthday brother.

126. Dear ! My life bring you a true success, prosperity and the greatest happiness. Wish you happy birthday.

127. When I have my brother to worry about, why should I fear from the world ? Thanks to God for giving me responsible brother. Happy birthday brother.

128. If I start to tell you poetry, So those who go for the lyrics will start to hide. Happy birthday to my heart.

129. Happy birthday dear it's for you " Names are small but hearts are big, Not so rich with money but I have the power to buy your grief".

130. Peace be a thousand years each year, fifty thousand a day. Happy birthday mentor.

131. One of the thing that makes a person sick is the separation of brothers. May God gives us peace. Happy Birthday.

132. "If we begin to perform our duties, my rights issue will be resolved automatically. Because our duties are the rights of others". Happy birthday bro.

133. After sitting on a sofa with a rotating kitchen, if brother wants water, he says to be begger. Happy birthday begger. Hahaha.

134. When love is from the soul, a man never loves anyone else. You are my soul. That's why I love you. Happy birthday funny brother.

135. Relationships that fight like wilds but after a while are ready to kill anyone for relationship called brothers relationship.

136. Birthday is special occasions with those who really care you. I am the one from them. Let's celebrate it with enthusiasm. Happy birthday bro.

137. Nice party, Nice food, Nice friends and a nice gathering of people. Everything is amazing. Wish you a very nice life.

138. You are the only one in my life whom I want to see happy and full of joy. Just keep smile and shine. May God give you happiness in abundance. Happy birthday.

139. happy birthday brother. You are looking dashing. You look like I am very dear to you. Many many happy returns of the day.

140. You are my strength and ideal. Without you, I could never have passed the storms of this world. Thanks and happy birthday.

141. On that day, I remembered the most wonderful and masterpiece boy that is given by Mom and Dad. Thanks a lot, both of you.

142. Happiness, Honour and Respect make life beautiful. May God not miss any of these three things in your life. Happy birthday.

143. Flower laughter rose, book essential to read, answer to every question in the world, If anyone asked me about it, you would say that he is wonderful.

144. The person who is destined for his destiny is actually the highest. Because it pleases God. Happy birthday champ.

145. Keep calm and wish you my big brother a Happy Birthday. May God give you some mind to use.

146. Birthday wishes for brother. On your birthday, I wish you that almighty bless you with a smile, luck, love, determination, good health and success in every walk of life. You truly deserve it. Wish you a very happy birthday.

147. Wishes for brother birthday. May you work hard, May you achieve success and May you live thousands of years. Happy birthday to you. May you have many more.

148. Sometimes you get very angry, but sometimes you also get love. I love you two much three much and many much. Hahaha. God bless you and Happy Birthday.

149. You are the one who motivates me, encourage me and told me to don't much think to take risks. Face it with manpower. Happy birthday dear.

150. You are the most valuable thing to me. So I love more than everything. I do not tolerate your frustration. Wish you Happy birthday.